The little church building on the south side of Dassel has quite a history. It was built by the Congregational Church in 1874. Then from 1885-1889, Louis A. Pier from the Christian Church in Litchfield used the building as a Christian Church in Dassel. (The names Church of Christ and Christian Church are both found on churches tracing their history to the “Restoration Movement”, a movement to restore the church to
what is found in the New Testament.) At other times there was a Church of God and then a Baptist group meeting in this building.

In 1933, the building had been empty for several years. E.W. Marshall, minister at the
Litchfield Christian Church, began having services on October 17, 1933. It was reported that Marshall went to each of the Baptist Church members, the last owners of the building, and bought their share of the property for one dollar. At the close of each transaction, the dollar would go back to Marshall. That was a remarkable use of one dollar!

Throughout the years the Dassel Church has had strong ties with Minnesota Bible College in Minneapolis (now Crossroads College in Rochester, MN). At least two of the young men who had graduated from the school became Missionaries after their work in Dassel. The Academic Dean for the school also had a long ministry at the church.

In 1964 ground was broken for the current building on U.S. Highway 12. Since that time the aging parsonage south of the church was replaced, and the house next door to the east was removed for parking and future expansion. The most recent changes to the building were the addition of an elevator, four classrooms, two offices and other improvements.