Current Sermon Series
Big Idea: Worship is God’s idea. From the garden, to the
tabernacle, from the temple, to the church, the Bible provides
direction to God’s people about worship. In this series, we will
explore Old Testament Tabernacle worship and the impact of the
unveiled glory of Christ upon Christian worship today.
Week 1 June 3rd: Unveiling What God Wants in Worship
Week 2 June 10th: Unveiled Singing
Week 3 June 17th: Unveiled Surrender
Week 4 June 24th: Ron Carlson is Preaching
Week 5 July 1st: Unveiled Spirit
Week 6 July 8th: Unveiled Stewardship
Week 7July 15th: Unveiled Silence
Week 8 July 22nd: Unveiled Service
Week 9 July 29th: Unveiled Salvation
Week 10 August 5th: Unveiled Day of Worship